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The Reasons Why We have to Buy Hi-end Condominium

Upgrading the quality of a project is a process that makes the project stand out and increases its value in the real estate market. Here are the details of upgrading the quality of a project: Property Design:Creating a high-quality project starts with designing properties that prioritize aesthetics and convenience for users, including the use of appropriate technology and...

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Business Center Is Now Slowly Moving Towards The East Of Bangkok

Moving the business center towards the east is an interesting development in the business and real estate sector of Bangkok. The following observations can be made: Shift of Business Center:There is an observable trend of business centers and shopping hubs shifting towards the east of Bangkok. This includes the establishment of business centers in various areas that are experiencing rapid...

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Crucial Strategy For Online Real Estate Marketing In 2024

Utilizing technology in real estate marketing is beneficial for both sellers and buyers. Technology can help increase efficiency in real estate marketing in the following ways: Websites and Online Portals:Creating a comprehensive website and using online portals that provide clear property information and compelling visuals helps attract the attention of customers searching for properties...

CT Real Estate Bangkok

How Does Lowering Bank Interest Rates Affect The Real Estate Industry?

1. Reducing interest rates by the Bank of Thailand is a policy aimed at stimulating investment in real estate and the overall economy. This has implications for borrowers and investors in various aspects: 2. Stimulating Investment:The reduction in interest rates lowers the cost of borrowing, providing investors and property buyers with improved financial opportunities and potentially boosting...

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What You Must Know Before Investment In Real Estate Business

Increasing property value in Bangkok is driven by several factors that contribute to a consistent upward trend in property prices. CT Real Estate would like to show you some key factors include: 1. Prime Location:Areas located near mass transit stations and MRT train stations are convenient for travel, leading to an increased demand for residency in those areas. 2. Infrastructure Development:The...

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